Why your family should know about your finances

Why your family should know about your finances

Research as well as statistics has shown that many older adults have chosen to keep their finances a secret even form their families. This has however proven problematic during the course of life of these older adults as well as during the times of calamity. More often than not, this situation ends up at the mercy of the court.

The first and most important reason why your family should have knowledge of your finances is so that they learn to practice responsible spending. This is because with the perception that you have so many finances, they may end up overspending and this may not be the level to which your financial position can sustain. As such, you will end up draining every form of finance you may have accrued over the years. Alternatively, they may choose to be misers with the aim of saving so much when they have enough to lead a comfortable life. These two scenarios preset evidence of why it is important to level with one’s family about how much you have. Consider a 2019 medicare supplement plan to get your finances in order.

In the unfortunate occurrence of an accident that leads to your death as an older adult or incapacitation, it is important that your family knows how much you have so that they will use it to meet the expected bills or rather, they will be able to have provision long after your passing. During this time, some legal representatives tend to take advantage of your incapacitation and the fact that your family are not in full knowledge of things to actually defraud you and benefit themselves and their families leaving your family to suffer.

If you are not open to disclosing your finances to your family, then it is advisable that you draft a will and leave it with your family’s trusted legal advisor so that in the occurrence of an unfortunate event that may lead to your death, your family will be in a secured position and your finances will fall in the hands of the individual persons you dim fit to manage them moving forward. Brothers and sisters of an older adult also pose a threat to one’s personal family including the spouse and children and will want to deny them of what is lawfully theirs by inheritance. This will be worse if persons such as your spouse has been in the dark in regards to every financial detail you may have accumulated and stored or invested in the course of the many years.

Qualification for Medicare – Useful Tips

Qualification for Medicare – Useful Tips

Many people become eligible for the first Medicare registration at the age of 65. At this point, you can buy a Medigap without answering any health questions. As a general rule, you will only get one registration period which begins 3 months before the month of your Medicare registration and ends three months after the month in which you qualify. The month of eligibility is the month in which you reach age 65 if you qualify for Medicare.

The first registration deadline is a great opportunity for people to take out Medicare health insurance. In fact, insurance companies usually have to use the medical subscription to determine if you have accepted your request. If you register during the initial filing period, you can purchase 2019 Medicare advantage plans without having to respond to health questions and insurance firms cannot say no to issuing you a policy.

It is important to observe that individuals with Medicare qualify for a second registration period at age 65 because of a disability. Similarly, any other person eligible for Medicare for the first time is entitled at 65 years. In most cases, Medicare supplements insure what Medicare does not insure at the doctor or hospital. However, Medicare supplements do not insure most prescription drugs.

For drug insurance, consider enrolling in a Medicare prescription drug policy. Also called Part D, this is a separate, voluntary insurance policy that could help you reduce prescription drugs from your own expenses. The private insurance companies offer Part D diets for Medicare supplemental plans. Although Part D is considered “voluntary”, not being included in a qualified drug policy when you first enroll in the Medicare policy has consequences. The penalty is about 32 cents per month for every month you should have enrolled, but you have not done so.

It’s important to compare the prices and benefits of the Medicare supplement before choosing the policy that’s right for you. Indeed, all Medicare supplements are standardized. This means that the benefits derived from these policies and the policies proposed are the same for all insurance firms. Premiums applied by different insurance companies for the same insurance can vary considerably. Comparison and Shopping can save you hundreds of dollars each year.

There is a free service that can aid you in choosing from a list of companies offering the highest insurance at the lowest price in your area. There are some programs which combine Part D and Medicare supplements in a policy known as Medicare Advantage or Part C. There are merits and demerit to these. You must do your homework before you start the program. However, this may be convenient for you and save you money.

The transition to Medicare A and B and all the other elements associated with it can be confusing, but it can eventually become comprehensible. Getting the right help and taking the right steps can save you time, money, and also make a difference in the world. Although you can obtain better insurance than in the past, you still need to look out for the Medicare Labyrinth. Review your and Medicare summary notes and expenses carefully, and take steps to resolve your complaint before your appointment expires.

Reassessing Your Insurance The Right Way

Reassessing Your Insurance The Right Way

Medigap insurance is standardized across the federation, meaning that every company that executes the policies is required to offer the same insurance policies. So, once you have one, you should keep it because they are all identical and you will never have to think about it again, will you? Absolutely wrong!  While insurance with these supplemental policies is standardized, there are some other factors that differentiate the companies you need to consider when comparing policies. When comparing policies, three main factors must be taken into account:

  1. First, you have to take into account the price (monthly premium). Since the insurance is exactly the same, bills are to a great extent, the utmost consideration. Now, for some people, this is the only thing to consider, and it makes logical sense that if you understand your bills are too expensive for your present health policy, as soon as you find the same policy for less, sign up for it!

The Medicare supplements, in addition to being standardized at the federal level, are also supported by the government in a non-financial way, but to the extent that, if your company goes bankrupt, you can subscribe to a new policy in a “guarantee issue” period. ”

  1. Additional discounts, benefits and value-added features. This is one aspect of comparing Medicare supplement diets, which is not usually discussed. There are some companies who offer one or two additional benefits as part of the added value of their policies. This is not part of the standardized policy at the national level, but more than what the company does. A discounted insurance policy or a monthly Medicare newsletter is one example. Both of them are programs that make some companies stand out. This again, should not form the basis of a decision; however, it can play, all the other things remain the same.
  2. Evaluation and reputation of the company.

This is probably the least important of the trio. Often, business valuations have not proven to be the best indicator of the long-term viability of a business. However, it can be summarized that all other things are the same, it is better to be with a company with a higher score than the one that is lower.

Know your options! If you have not tried to find out which policies are likely to bring you the most benefits, you should ask a friend, search Google, or contact a broker of Medicare Supplement to help you. This is an important step in the pre-registration process. When you enroll into a Medicare Supplement plan, things can be a little tricky quite quickly with so many companies and projects. So, instead of making a severe mistake and associating yourself with a business or policy that will not suit you, your lifestyle, or your health, seek for help! It does not hurt to ask. There are authorized agents who are paid to provide you this service for free, so you can also enjoy it. Some Medicare support policies also help you pay for certain services that are not insured by Original Medicare.

Who can help you plan your finances?

Who can help you plan your finances?

Financial planning is a skill that requires a lot of wisdom. It however does not require an education in that anyone who is financially responsible can comfortably plan their finances. However, for an older adult, there are certain conditions such as cognitive decline which render the senior adult unfit to make certain decisions and therefore there is need to find person who can help you plan your finances.

The first person that you can have to help you organize your finances is your spouse. Your spouse is the closest and most trusted individual in your life, making him or her best person with whom you can discuss and share your ideas on how best to plan your finances. This is the best option as it makes it possible to even set plans on how to take steps such as investments and also how to ensure that you have enough even for tomorrow.

If you have older children, you can engage them in planning your finances. Children will always stand to protect the interests of their parents and this guarantees that they will give their best efforts and ideas in ensuring that their parents will have financial security so that they will even in turn not have their parents as dependants in future. Trusted friends are also another group of people who can share in their ideas and help you make better informed financial decisions. By planning your finances with your trusted friends, you do not really have to disclose how much finance you have. The main idea is to get tips on how to secure your finances with the promise of future financial independence.

You can also hire financial advisors or representatives who will stand in your place whenever there is a financial decision required. There are agents who serve as financial advisors and these people will be instrumental in guaranteeing that your finances are informed and wisely spent. They will also help you organize your finances and give warning of prospective dangers to your finances. It is however paramount that you sign up with people who can help you plan your finances once you are sure that they are not only trust worthy, but also legally existing in the sense that the law recognizes them as financial advisors. Financial advisors qualify for this position or role in the economy following years of practice and training in institutions that render them market able for the good of customers such as you.

Know all about the Medicare supplement plans before enrolling

Are you planning on purchasing Medicare supplement plans? if your answer is an affirmative, you will be finding several recipients and agents of these supplement plans feel that plan F is the most composite plan of all. In fact, they even call it the Cadillac of all the other plans. however, before you start to actually examine these plans, you need to know and have a basic knowledge about the term Medicare supplement plans and what it includes and talks about.

Eligibility for the supplement plans

Everyone must have heard about Medicare. If not, well, it is a health program and it is run by the government. This particular program is responsible for the purpose of providing coverage of the health insurance to all those people who are either 65 or above or for all those people whose age is below 64 but are disabled. However, even though the Medicare is supposed to take care of all the coverage charges, they do not take care of everything.

aarp medicare advantage

Medicare supplement plans fills gaps left by Medicare

The plan is designed in such a manner that it is filled with gaps and this is how and where it is the recipient who will have to pay the amount. This is where the Medicare supplement plans comes into play and act as the gap filler. This is also why they are known as the Medigap insurance. With the help of these supplement plans, all those gaps in the Medicare plans, that is parts which are not filled by the Medicare itself, are taken care by the supplement plans.

Factors for determining the Medicare supplement plans

However, before you go about and decide on which Medicare supplement plans like AARP medicare advantage to choose from, you need to decide on by looking at certain factors.

The first and foremost factor which is looked into is the financial situation. In fact, you will not be allowed to enroll into the land if you do not meet their financial expectation. They will be checking whether you are able to pay the premium. For the plan F, the premium starts with a base price of 95 dollars and starts increasing from there.

Also, your locality as well your age, your sex and your past experiences, all of them are responsible or determining the premium to be paid for the Medicare supplement plans.

Another factor is your medical history. It is easier to get approved if you have a good and less complicated history.

What are the benefits of Medicare Supplement Plans?

What are Medicare Supplement Plans?

Medicare Supplement Plans are known to be such kinds of insurance plans that work along with the original Medicare plan. This insurance scheme basically works as an associate insurance. Things and expenses that are not covered by the original Medicare insurance are basically covered by this supplement insurance. This is where its significances lie. If you really want to save your own money, then you have to have this supplement plan no matter what.

Benefits of Medicare Supplement Plans

There are various benefits of using Medicare supplement plans. Some of the benefits are described below.

  • It is used to cover around 20% of your total medical expenses which are not generally covered by the original Medicare plan.
  • The additional co-payments and co-insurance of Medicare part A are paid by Medicare supplement plans.
  • The co-payments and coinsurance of Medicare part B are also paid by this supplement scheme.
  • Medicare supplement plan G 2019

Apart from the above described benefits, there are plenty of other benefits provided by the Medicare supplement plans. There are different kinds of supplement plans available and each of these types has its own separate benefits and advantages. For instance, Medicare supplement plan F has some of the standardized benefits that are described below.

  • The deductible of Medicare part A is covered.
  • The deductible of Medicare part B is covered.
  • The excess charges of part B are covered.
  • Preventive care coinsurance of part B is covered.
  • Coinsurance costs of skilled nursing facility care are covered.
  • The foreign travel emergency care costs are also covered by this supplement plan.

Supplement Plans Costs

Various private insurance companies are supposed to provide same basic benefits for every lettered plan; nevertheless, they are also allowed to charge you with different premiums. You are really supposed to look for such a Medicare supplement plan that will suit your financial and medical requirements. The private companies are to price their premiums in following ways.

  • Issue-age-rated: Such kinds of plans generally depend on your age at the time of enrolment in its policy. The older you are, the higher your premium will be. Hence, it is wise to enrol as soon as possible.
  • Community no-age-rated: Such supplement insurance schemes are likely to charge the premiums which are quite same across the board irrespective of one’s age.
  • Attained-age-rated: These kinds of schemes generally base its premium on your age when you bought a policy for the first time.

Why do you need to go for Medicare Supplement Plans?

There are many people who opt for original Medicare plan without really understanding the significance of Medicare Supplement Plans. If you decide to go for Medicare plan, then you are also required to opt for Medical Supplement Plans for the right reasons.  A medicare plan does not necessarily pay for all your health related costs. This is when medical supplement plans come handy. It is there to give coverage to those costs that do not come under the original medicare.

Medigap and health risks

Consider a AARP medicare advantage 2019

The more you live, the more your body becomes vulnerable to illnesses. People do not know whether or not they will have stroke, cancer or tumors or other similar terminal diseases. If you are under Medicare insurance, then it is all well and good. Nonetheless, it basically covers around 80 percent of your total health care bill; it does not necessarily cover 100%.  How do you pay for the rest 20% of the bill? Most of the people pay it from their pockets. This is when medicare supplement plans are used to pay this 20% bill.

Protecting financial assets with the Medigap

  • If you want to save a lot of money, then you are really required to go for medicare supplement plans for the obvious plans. These supplement plans along with original medicare are there to pay 100% of your health related bills. Without having supplement plan, you would have to pay around 20% of the total medical bills which could be lot at times. In case, you are really interested in protecting your financial asset then opting for the medicare supplement plan is the best thing you could do.


  • There are plenty of different private insurance companies that provide you with the medicare supplement plans as per your need and preference. At times it could be difficult to find the best insurance company. Nevertheless, if you do extensive online research on various insurance companies and their services, then you will eventually be able to find the best option for yourself.


There are many people who have already been benefited by this supplement plan. You are always supposed to remember that it is wise to opt for the both original medicare as well as Medigap policies together at the same time. Only doing this, all your medical costs will be fully covered; otherwise you will have to pay a lot of money from your pocket for obvious reasons.

Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Insurance Plan G

Are you looking for assistance with certain costs that Original Medicare does not cover? There are ten standardised Medicare Supplement (Medigap) insurance policies available in the majority of states, and also Plan G could be a choice if you’re looking for a more comprehensive policy.

medicare supplement plan g

When it comes to Covered benefits, Medicare Supplement insurance Plan G is almost identical to Medicare Supplement insurance Strategy F. Both of these plans offer the most comprehensive coverage of their 10 Medigap plan types available in the majority of states. The most noticeable difference between the two plans is the fact that Plan G doesn’t cover the Medicare Part B deductible. If you’ve got this plan, you will want to pay for this cost out of pocket.  Information and a quote for Medicare Supplement plan G can be found at https://www.bestmedicaresupplementplans2019.com/medicare-supplement-plan-g-2019/

Deductible might differ from year to year; you will want to pay for all health care costs until your out-of-pocket costs reach this total. When you reach the yearly Medicare Part B deductible, you’ll generally pay 20% of their Medicare-approved cost for Part B-covered services (such as physician visits and durable medical equipment).

Like additional Medigap Plans, Medicare Supplement insurance Strategy 5 helps Original Medicare Borrowers with special flat-rate prices (for example, cost sharing).

Plan G Also includes the following benefits:

  • Medicare Part A inpatient Hospital coinsurance and hospital costs upto 365 days after First Medicare benefits are drained
  • Medicare Part A hospice maintenance
  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Medicare Part A Copayment
  • Medicare Part B excess fees
  • First 3 Pints of blood for a year used in any medical treatment
  • A medical procedure employed per year
  • Licensed nursing facility care Co insurance coverage
  • Foreign travel emergency Coverage (80 per cent up to policy limits)

Medicare Supplement insurance Plan G and Medicare Part B excess charges

It’s worth noting Medigap Plan G covers Section B excess charges, which the majority of all Medicare Supplement insurance plans do not cover. Medigap Plan F could be the only other Medicare healthcare insurance program which ensures this particular benefit. Usually, that the Medicare program has set up approved payment rates (called the Medicare fee schedule) for insured health services; this governs precisely what doctors and providers have been allowed to charge a fee for Medicare-covered services.

You might need to pay for excess charges should you use a physician or provider that doesn’t accept assignment, meaning that the provider does not take the Medicare-approved level as the complete payment. Excess charges occur when the doctor charges you above this amount. Legally, providers that do not accept assignment can merely bill up to 15% in excess charges over the Medicare-approved amount (state law can impose further limitations).