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Who are you?

Who are you is our spotlight on the people who help to make the internet what it is today.

If like me you subsist in a small part of the internet, devouring all things to do with web site creation, you will most like have seen the same names and web sites pop up time and time again. Its these names that we hope to interview.

Expression web, FrontPage, CSS are but a few of tools i use in what has become an uphill struggle to create web sites that not only look good but which validate too. Lets cheer for Expression web which on the one hand, makes our lives easier but on the other hand dictates a complicated learning curve. Thankfully, there are folk who without hesitation, without being patronising are willing to offer a hand. The unsung heroes of the internet. As we expression web users, move closer to web 2 simply by the virtue of building valid web sites, we start to see another set of names and web sites come into play. New technologies also start to demand a lot more of our attention. In the face of adversity, we hope to help you build better web sites. But all work and no play, makes a dull life. So who is driving this whole thing forward? 

Who are you? is a spotlight on those kind individuals who are eager to pass on their knowledge and skills to those of us who need a guiding hand.


Those that have been gracious enough to be interviewed, range from, new expression web users who through thick and thin have created a valid web site, to those that are actually at the forefront of the modernisation of the internet into web 2.

Who are you will be a periodic feature.

We have a number of interviews already and many more in the pipeline, so when you just need to take five, why not sit back and see what others are doing to help you.

Our first interview is with Andre Voget of We use these excellent products here at

Next up will be Mr Joe Rohn - Microsoft MVP - FrontPage of

Then we will focus on Linda Hefferman who is the author of Microsoft expression web for dummies.

Following on will be some of the most talented CSS designers, programmers and trend setters.

Think you have something to share?

Take part in our interview?


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