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Top 10 Expression web Do's and Don'ts

1) Don't try and use the layer tool! If you think its a quick way to place content on your site, you will quickly find it is not. An acute understanding of absolute positioning is required.

2) Do use tables if you need them. Tables are valid HTML and using them is perfectly legal mark up.

3) Don't just assume that if you build a web site using expression web that it will be valid code!

4) Do check you page code for both valid XHTML and CSS using the built in tools Tools/compatibility reports-/CSS reports-/accessibility reports and the validation tools at

5) Don't forget, XHTML needs to be told exactly what to do. Make sure your CSS does exactly that. Each bit of XHTML has its own space, its up to you to use CSS to make that space more or less.

6) Do remember that many of the old FrontPage components have been removed from expression web. These include: Photo galleries, Word art and the navigation view to name a few.

7) Don't forget that Expression web is backwards compatible. Meaning that FrontPage web sites imported into Expression Web will still work. Even the form bots!

8) Do remember that expression web is a tool for creating Valid web sites. Many imported FrontPage web site will not be valid.

9) Don't try to run before you can walk! If you think you can open expression web and create a database driven web site, think again. Learn the basics first and build on your new found skills.

10) Do remember less is more. Look around the internet at today's web sites. Gone are the animated gifs and silly flashy things. Web design is sleek, minimal and fast loading. Oh and lets not forget valid and accessible.

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