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This page template is pretty much out of the box!

Some changes have been made to the original template but these changes have only been made in the style sheet (3) The changes made were as follows:

Nothing has been changed in the actual template. The template is based on a DWT and therefore will only be compatible with FP 2003/DWMX/Expression Web .

It could be argued that the DWT could be removed just leaving the basic template. Should you require this please let me know and i will strip out the DWT.

Creating pages with pure css is not at all difficult with Expression Web but the layouts you can achieve depends solely on your own ability. With little or no modifications, Expression Web allows you to quickly put together valid compliant web sites!

Each Expression Web template ships with 3 or 4 style sheets.

This page uses style 3 which in turn has been modified. Simply changing the link to the style sheet will instantly change the appearance of the whole web site! Should you wish to change only a page or two, you have to copy the DWT, rename it (dwt2) and then attach the new DWT to the page you want to have look different. That's it.

You can have multiple DWT's per site.


DWT or Dynamic web template. Originally came to light in FrontPage 2003. Dream weaver can also produce and handle DWT's.
DWT's in FP2003 were not as good as the promise they held. We are currently testing Expression Web DWT's under different conditions with a view to breaking them. This is important as the whole of Expression Web pre built template examples are totally reliant on DWT - so they need to work. So far so good and no real problems to report. Even getting away with using JavaScript in the actual dwt to transfer into the site pages.