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Expression Web

This is an example template, that forms part of a comprehensive tutorial, detailing how to build a web site template using Expression Web (Expression Web ) and CSS.

This template is exactly the same as our Expression Web Template tutorial. Its just that i have added some graphics to the <divs>. 3 in total. #top_nav / #left_col / #main_content. Whilst i am no good with graphics, i hope that this page will demonstrate the power of CSS driven templates. You have no need to read any further. Demo page only - copy text follows.

When creating a web site template using CSS, we need to understand that everything we put on the page is in a box and each box has a natural boundary. The boxes and boundaries of these imaginary boxes are completely controllable by you. To make web sites that display the same in all browsers means that you have to tell the browser what to do with the box, boundary and the contents of the box (your text or graphics) That's how CSS works.

CSS is very flexible and one thing can be done in many different ways. The approach to this tutorial has been to offer the user, the chance to build an Expression Web template whilst trying to use a range of the styles available to you. This is a basic template that will form the basis of many examples in our other tutorials and will be referred to often.

Upon completion, you should have built an identical site to this. It will render correctly in both Internet Explorer and Firefox and will be XHTML 1.0T and CSS2.1 valid.

The following examples use HTML tags and CSS.

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  1. Number list - ordered list
  2. two
  3. three
  4. four
  5. five

This is normal paragraph text it should look like the text  above the headings.