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The long awaited preview of Expression Web Designer (ewd) is now available directly from Microsoft (15May 2006)

Early news - The actual download is quite buggy and will take a bit of time to download and install. Microsoft are attending to this matter and i guess a less buggy download will be available in a day or two. The effort on your part though will be richly rewarded. This is your chance to experience the next generation of web site designing and be part of the community who help to make EWD the best web site design package on the market.

So why bother with Expression Web Designer?

EWD is the next generation of web site designing software from Microsoft. Its appearance is not unlike FrontPage but look a little more under the hood and a list of new features becomes apparent. The main push is to produce clean valid xhtml/css web sites with the minimum of fuss and the maximum ease of use!

When will Expression Web Designer be on sale?

Expression web designer does not yet have a specified release date. Given that the preview is quite buggy, don't hold your breath for a full retail version. Late 2006 to early 2007 is the current speculation. Expression offers, rss, xhtml, css, xml, xslt rss styling ,accessibility, web designer help, and what is more the interface is very similar to FrontPage.

Expression web designer help

Bookmark this site for the latest breaking news about EWD. We were one of, if not the first to release the news of the preview and will bring you constantly updated news until the release. This information is available either by opting into our mailing list, or by RSS the choice is yours.

Expression web designer

The future of Expression web designer is in your hands.

FrontPage 2003

If you currently use FP2003 then you might like to know that in the main, ewd and FP2003 are compatible. This is based on the dwt/html/css aspects. So a template built in ewd will be usable in FP2003 and visa versa.


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