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Basic CSS in Expression Web

Basic CSS expression web tutorials. (click here to download whilst you read the rest of the page.)

Using expression web, you can create Cascading Styles Sheet (CSS) files that allow you to control your site appearance. In the 'old days' you might have highlighted a section of text, increased the font size and changed the colour using the formatting tool bar. This would create additional page code and was just plain messy often resulting in code that was not valid.

A new wave has swept the internet and is commonly called Web 2. This, in part, sees the introduction of valid web pages using CSS to style the content. The formatting tool bar is dead!

Expression web allows you to easily create valid html (XHTML) web pages that are styled the way you want to see them using CSS.

If you are not yet familiar with CSS then expression web will be a steepish learning curve. Fortunately, the way the CSS file is create is very simple.

I have created a basic, introduction to using CSS with expression web tutorial, that shows the processes required to use CSS. There are different types of CSS but i have featured the use of External style sheets. I always use external styles, so when i want to make site changes, i do it in just one file (the CSS file) and not in every web page. (embedded or inline styles)

The expression web tutorial shows you how to

  • Create a style sheet.
  • How to attach the style sheet to a page.
  • How to control html
  • How to change how hyperlinks look

and much more besides. It even demonstrates how to use CSS to bring your tables to life.

To demonstrate how easy site updates can be with CSS, i have listed the various template versions that i have available for this site. They have all been used previously and to change from the current site design to anyone of the previous designs would take a matter of minutes!

Original expression web site

Second version. Only really a colour change, which took about 15 minuets to do.

Third version changed the position of the navigation menu.

Current version - took half an hour to implement.

In fact using expression web CSS and DWT together, makes complete web site overhauls very simple to do.

Now i hope you are starting to see just what can be done with CSS?

Anyway, i digress. I promised a tutorial so, that is what you get. A basic introduction on using CSS and expression web. The flash video is 16mins long and opens in a new window the download WILL take about 2.5 minuets on a fast connection and is best view in a 1024 wide browser window.

Expression web tutorial download.

We welcome comments and or discussion at our expression web forum, we have a growing number of forum members who are poised and ready to answer your Expression web questions. As the product is so new, we also thought it would be nice to include a FrontPage section within the forum. After all, we are upgrading from FP to expression web and many of us feel that the 2 will actually work hand in hand, for now anyway!

If you need help or are prepared to offer help then consider joining the fastest growing expression web community at our expression web forums.



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