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Why does all my text go bold in Expression Web?

If when you click on the bold button, all the surrounding text goes bold also, then you are working in a manual style application.

It very easy to overcome this issue, simply by double clicking on 'style application' at the very bottom of expression web and changing it to auto. change style application to auto in expression web

It is also and idea, to change the way that bold text is rendered.

<b></b> this is a bold tag and text inside of that tag will indeed be bold. However this only serves a presentational purpose. <strong></strong> will also bold your text but it has semantic meaning as well.

Changing bold and italic to strong and em.

Simply click on the tools menu in the tool bar and click on page editor options from the dropdown list, check the check box that says, 'Use <strong> and <em> when using bold and italic toolbar buttons.



Hopefully, you will now understand how to stop expression web bolding the whole paragraph instead of the selected text.

Please remember, working with auto style application is by far the easiest way to use expression web.

A simple short flash tutorial is available here.

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