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Expression Web Ad Rotator

The Ad Rotator that ships with expression web as part of the ASP. net controls is actually quite an easy control to use. You can see a basic example of Expression web ad rotator control here

The purpose of the Ad Rotator is to display a selection of Banner advertisements or images at a rate you set.

As the user browses around the site, each page that they visit will show a different banner each time a page is viewed in a browser. Even if the page is refreshed!

The frequency of which the banners are displayed is determined and set by you, the higher the impressions number, the more the banner is shown. This means that a page might be refreshed 2 or 3 times but still show the same banner or a different banner might appear and remain again whilst the browser is refreshed.


image1-shown little <Impressions>1</Impressions>

image2 - show twice as often as image 1 <Impressions>2</Impressions>

Image3 - shown three times more than image1 <Impressions>3</Impressions>

Or look at it differently and give the images impressions numbers of 1,2 and 4 so image1 will be shown a little, image2 will be shown twice as often as image1 and image3 will be shown four times as much as image1 and twice as much as image2!

We can extend the control to do more than just display a banner, we can make the banner clickable so that the user is sent to another page when they click the banner. This could be combined with affiliate links in that you can link the banner using your affiliate code. We can give the images alternative text which will give a text visual when hovered with Internet Explorer

We can also use a keyword as well.

So how is this all achieved? Using some very simple XML, we can tell expression web or more precisely the ASP.NET ad rotator control what to display and how often.


<AlternateText>Your alternative text goes here</AlternateText>
<Keyword>Web site building</Keyword>

There, to my knowledge, is no limit on the number of images you can have but the Impressions figure should not exceed 2.5 million ish! Which is more than enough for you and i.

So how do we use this component?

First of all we need an xml file with the image details held within, then we need to drag the ad rotator component into Expression web. As you place the ad rotator component on the page, Expression web will ask to to make a connection with a data source, you would obviously point this to your newly created XML File. Once completed, you can test locally, using expression webs built in .net server or publish to your ASP. Net V2 enabled server.

Source files download the zip?

Ad Rotator control tutorial

We have a narrated flash tutorial showing how simple it can be to add  the control.

Ad Rotator Control Tutorial

Please be patient whilst the download takes place it can take upto 4 mins.

Don't forget the control can be used for Banners, side graphics or images in the main area. Just drop the control into your site (aspx pages only). You can use multiple controls, using the same images and xml or you can have different files.

The Ad rotator control is probably the easiest control in Expression Web

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