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Who are we? is the personal scrap book of Jim Davidson. (Microsoft MVP - Expression web)

I say scrap book in the sense of these pages being an area where I catalogue and share my findings on expression web. I hope that by sharing, you find the help that you too are looking for. If its not here, then a visit to our forum maybe your answer.

The whole site came about from my natural desire to learn. I have always used MS products and was a happy FrontPage user but Expression Web offered what I was already doing with FP - using CSS to style and control my pages and content - Its just that Expression web allowed me to do it all in one place without any third party products.

Its just a hobby!

I actually run a couple of small businesses in construction and catering, my expression web website is nothing more than a hobby. A place for me to share and learn and make new online friends. That's the enjoyment for me. Surprisingly, I was awarded Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) status for the efforts. The bottom line is however, I am no different from you! I am still learning and always will be.

Share and learn in an environment that is sympathetic to your own lack of understanding.  

Mission Statement.

Remember its just my hobby, but if we had a mission statement it would be along these lines.

To offer help, assistance and advice to the best of our ability. To treat others as we would expect to be treated. But above all to have fun whilst learning.

Whilst I own Expression Web help, it would not be possible without willing volunteers!

Our chief tutorial tester is Den C.

Den's input has been invaluable and my thanks go out to him. Den is a late adopter of FrontPage 2003 and a recent convert to Expression Web . He has systematically gone through each tutorial and flagged up the errors that I had not seen. Dens own little space on the web can be found here.

Kevan is another willing tester and long time FP user. Kevan has a web site devoted to the setting up and basics of expression web. there are some excellent tutorials and plenty of worthwhile information.

Remember, our expertise is possibly no greater than yours! I don't claim that everything you see here is 100% correct but through open discussions, we can iron out your problems and help you to have a better understanding and ultimately a better web site.

Good luck in your adventures.


About Me

knocking on the door of 40 years, I have been associated with the internet and web design since the start.

Back in the good old days, one could create any old nonsense, post it to the web and get a handsome reward for doing so. Happily these days have long since gone. Clients now expect properly coded web sites, that are fast loading, valid and simple to modify.