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Expression-web-tabbed menus

Expression web Interactive buttons provide a quick and easy way to put tabbed menus into your web site, but...

Interactive buttons use a significant amount of code compared to other methods and that is the price you pay for simplicity. Until now!

Imagine if you could create the same interactive menus but with a lot less code and a lot less hassle when it comes to updates. Now you can!

Hundreds of different menu tabs and menu button images are at your finger tips already, all we have to do is work out a way to use these images to our own benefit.

Using some very simple htm/l and a css file, we can utilise the interactive button images and make our own fast and efficient menu buttons. Its simple enough to do and the CSS menu button tutorial will show you how.

To work along you might like to download the HTM and CSS files.

Once you have downloaded the files, you need to do this:

Open the zip file and extract the fwp file from within. You can place this file anywhere on your pc but the desktop is convenient. Now do a virus scan of the fwp file.

So when you have done that and have assured yourself that the download is clean follow the following instructions:

Open a new empty web site in expression web (File/New/web site/Empty web site) Once you new empty web site has been created, simply do file/import/personal web package and then navigate to the file that you previously saved to your PC. Click on it and install, you will get a warning message, click ok (if you previously scanned the files) and you are ready to follow along with our Expression web menu buttons using CSS tutorial.

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