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Free Expression Web Templates

We are delighted to offer a selection of Free Expression Web Templates. The templates will work in Expression Web and FrontPage 2003. Help is freely available via our forum.

Please leave the link to us in place and show your support! You may adapt or change the templates in anyway or if you prefer, you can just change our text for yours. Templates to meet your specific needs can be designed for a modest fee.

Each free template is built using cascading style sheets (CSS) and Dynamic web templates (DWT) both included with the download.

Er CSS and DWT - what do we mean? Its not really that difficult. CSS is a method of styling your page content and allows you to keep the style separate from the actual page content. This results in much cleaner code, makes the page faster loading and allows search engine spiders better access too. After all a search engine is only interested in the text content of your site and not how you make the text look. (the main exception is using CSS to try and trick SE's into giving you better search results - they will find it and ban your site!)

A DWT is a master template page that holds the common areas of your web site. Examples being, navigation, banner and footer details. If you build these parts into a DWT, then you only need change the DWT page to make site wide changes. So lets say you want to add to the navigation. Simply add the link in the DWT, save the change and Expression Web will update ALL the pages that are attached to the DWT thus adding the new link to all the pages.

Good luck and above all else have fun.

Free Expression Web Templates

Template 1 - View here / Download the zip files here.

Template 2 - View here / Download the zip files here

Template 3 - View here / Download the zip files here

Template 4 - View here / Download the zip files here

Template 5 - View here / Download the zip files here

Template 6 - View here / Download the zip files here

We will add more Expression Web templates regularly.

Please note*

We have made up content and or used RSS feeds within the pages in the hope of giving the site a 'feel' Most templates come with 4-8 pages and the graphics are included in the zip files. If you experience any issues or need additional help and support, we will be delighted to answer any questions via our Expression Web Forum.

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