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Quite simply put, Expression Web produces valid XHTML and CSS web sites that are simple to use and update. This is a free Expression Web template that is basically a bulk standard out of the box template. Some slight modifications have been made.

The site is based on XHTML, CSS and DWT (dynamic web template) which to some might sound complicated! It is not. A novice can open  Expression Web and make a valid web site in a matter of minutes.

However, taking a default Expression Web template and making it your own is also a simple thing to do.

A new graphic and background tile can make a radical difference.

Any changes made, are carried out in the Cascading style sheet (CSS) file. Once the changes have been made and saved. The whole web site will reflect them.

FrontPage 2003

This template is compatible with FrontPage 2003. You can change any parts of the web site template but to change the CSS files, you might find it easier to use a CSS editor. Obviously Expression Web has a CSS editor, so it might be an idea to download the beta of Expression Web ? However, if you don't want to do this, the we suggest the excellent top style editor. There is a lite (free) version and a paid version. The paid version is worth the money.


Expression Web Forum

Help us to help you to help others. After all much of the web relies on this type of input. Our Expression Web forum can be found here.

It maybe that you are a FrontPage 2003 user? These free Expression Web templates can be used with FP 2003. If you need FP help why not try our FrontPage forum?