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Expression web drop-down menu

CSS based drop-down menus are not easy to install in your web pages. The browser support is one issue and putting the code into the correct area of your page is another! There is no easy point and click method to place dropdown menus in expression web. UNTIL NOW!

If you want a really simple method that uses point and click and drag and drop then you are very much in luck.

I have created a tutorial that allows you to do just that. Point and click, drag and drop. An example of the code in action can be seen here.

Create a drop down menu in CSS

You will also note, that i have tried to offer the old FrontPage navigation View simulation. This is loosely based on the old FP nav view - in that it gives you and instant visual of of the set up structure of your web site.

Changing the appearance of the rendered CSS menu is quite easy to do via the CSS file.

Please note that in order for this technique to work, you MUST follow the tutorial. If you deviate from the suggested methods, then the results will not be as expected - if they show at all!

The files needed.

The tutorial

create a drop down menu tutorial.

I have included all the files that are required to use this technique and i have also included a complete flash tutorial detailing the steps required to actually create the menu and the steps required to insert the menu into your web page.


The methods described have been fully tested. One user made up a 150 link dropdown in just under an hour! The new dropdown menu replaced old FP buttons and loads instantly whereas the buttons would take over 15 seconds to download! This results in a site that renders very quickly and a huge saving on bandwidth. It also looks pretty neat too.

The files provided, allow you to create a horizontal dropdown menu. I may in the future release a version for vertical dropdowns. The principles are exactly the same so if you want vertical dropdowns quickly, you should be able to piece it together yourself.

Have fun with this. If you can, please give a link of love back to our web site.

The techniques described in the tutorial uses only CSS and (x)html. No javascript is employed. The dropdown menus have been tested in IE7 and FF although should also display in IE6 without problems.

Please respect that the tutorial and the techniques used are copyrighted - i would be very grateful if you would link back to us if


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