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Expression web help. is a rapidly growing community for expression web users our forum is full of typical questions and the regulars are  only too willing to share their knowledge in a friendly, helpful manner. Your lack of experience is not a limiting factor, we all started somewhere and thousands have started here.

"Seldom do you find such an informative resource in one place!"

Expression web tutorials

We have been creating and adding both flash and written tutorials for expression web since its first release (CTP 1) Each tutorial shows you step by step, how to achieve your objective. Tutorials include:

  • Create an expression web template - a full tutorial showing how to turn a blank CSS template into a web site. Including tutorials on building both horizontal and vertical menus.
  • How to insert flash in expression web - complete with download files so that you too can easily insert flash movies into your pages.
  • Create web sites using XML data - An introduction to using XML data in your expression web web pages. The tutorial shows you how to build a basic database and export it as an XML file. It goes on to show you how to get the XML data onto your page, create different layouts, styles and how to filter the results and finally how to use conditional formatting.

There are too many tutorials to mention them all here, your best starting point is the menu on the left.

Free Expression web templates

We have a selection of free expression web templates that you can download in zip format. Our forum also has a specific help section for any questions or issues you might have.

If you are new to Expression Web, we have a very basic introduction on how to use styles. The tutorial looks at the basic styling of text and tables on a page and details how to create, attach, and use an external style sheet. Its a 16 minuets long flash narrated (speakers on) and takes just over 2.5 mins to download. Its well worth a look. Download it from the link below.

Expression Web Tutorial

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Expression Web affords even a novice web site designer the ability to create valid accessible web sites using XHTML and CSS. Expression Web is a feature packed wysiwyg web design package that helps you to build fast loading valid web sites using XHTML and CSS. This is your chance to experience the next generation of web site designing and be part of the community who help to make Expression Web the best web site design package on the market.

Why bother with Expression Web ?

Expression Web is the next generation of web site designing software from Microsoft. Its appearance is not unlike FrontPage but look a little more under the hood and a list of new features becomes apparent.

The main push is to produce clean valid xhtml/css web sites with the minimum of fuss and the maximum ease of use! The wealth of tools on offer is mind boggling.

Expression Web help

Bookmark this site for the latest breaking news about Expression Web . We were one of, if not the first to release the news of the preview and will bring you constantly updated information and help.

Volunteers and contributors wanted

If you want to join us and create the best expression web help site available then come and join us.

I have been working on a web site to push Expression web to its limits and to further my own learning. This web site is a directory for modular buildings and mobile homes and has been built with expression web using xml data and master pages, as has metal building sales. The more  pages added the more expression web slows down. It can cope with approximately 500 pages comfortably but a little slow. 800 pages plus drags it to a standstill. Non the less, with a bit of thought, larger web sites can be build and the beauty of it is i can change just 1 file and the whole lot changes too. Another example can be found here.

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